Nooa Tenkanen / Snowboarding

Parom is pleased to announce Nooa Tenkanen has joined the family as a member of team riders. Nooa has a snowboarding ability and style that most can only dream of. He started snowboarding only few years ago and if the past couple of seasons are any indication of where he’s headed its going to be extremely interesting to watch the progress over the next couple of years. Nooa’s home resort is legendary Talma that is world famous for its well-know riders such as Lauri Heiskari and Heikki Sorsa. Nooa shreds in Talma almost everyday with his good snowboarder friends that inspire him for more challenging tricks in rails and kickers. Nooa has participated numerous national competitions and has succeeded in both slopestyle and half-pipe. Future plan is clear; Nooa wants to compete internationally and off course to be able to film as much as possible. It would be amazing to film hard-core street spots with riders that I’ve always admired. Nooa is known for his minimalistic style and gets inspiration from snowboard-edits and other underground riders.

Sponsors: Fenix Sign, Paromcamps
Instagram: @nooaz