Saska Halmes / Snowboarding

You know when you see people snowboard and you’re just amazed by how good they are? Well that’s what it’s like watching Saska Halmes riding. Saska started his snowboarding at the age of nine as he changed his ski gear to a snowboard. He shreds in Talma and Serena together with his best buddies who also motivate him to learn new challenging tricks. For the upcoming season Saska plans to participate slopestyle competitions in Finland but also abroad. Despite of his young age, Saska has already some experience on this as he won Volcom PBRJ in France and got invited to Mammoth Mountain this spring. He mentions Mammoth, as his favourite place to ride – Parks there are amazing and the feeling in general is absolutely phenomenal. Saska also hopes to film in the future as much as possible – It would be perfect to be able to ride with snowboarders who have inspired me in these years. Saska is undoubtedly one of the best rail-riders of his age group. He mentions fs 180 and cab 540 out of droprail as one of his favourite tricks. In addition to snowboarding Saska likes to skateboard and chill with his buddies.

Sponsors: Paromcamps, Sinnestore, Völkl Snowboards
Instagram: @saskahalmes