Henna Ikola / Snowboarding

Henna comes from Southern Finland, small city called Hyvinkää. She started snowboarding at the age of 8 and got the inspiration for that from her brother Ville. Small competitiveness between Ville and Henna has pushed both of them to try out new tricks. Ski resort nearby her home is still one of her favourite places to shred. It’s like returning home, as you are able to ride together with old buddies says Henna who nowadays competes and rides actively around the globe. She mentions World Cup competition in Kreischberg as one of the most pleasant competition memory, where kickers and overall atmosphere were great. In the upcoming seasons Henna wants to learn more challenging tricks, travel as much as possible and film proper edits. She gets inspiration for snowboarding from almost everywhere you can imagine. Good friends such as Elli, Emma, Roope and local kids from her hometown are also inspiring. In addition to snowboarding Henna mentions skateboarding as one of her favourite hobbies. Sponsors:

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Instagram: @hennaikola