Jon Sallinen / Freestyle Ski

Talented New Schooler Jon Sallinen is the youngest member of Paromcamps team. He trains daily in Serena in Southern Finland or then with his freestyle-club Moebius practising the tricks indoors.¬†Despite of his young age Jon is very experienced and multitalented skier. He shreds park and pipe as big as he’s older skiing buddies.¬†Within the past couple of years Jon has succeeded in competitions, standing the podium in slopestyle, half-pipe, moguls and ski cross. As his best competition result Jon mentions Silver Medal in Val Thorens, competing in SFR Tour. His future plans is to succeed in the competitions and train harder tricks as well as filming. Energetic and funny Jon plays soccer and skateboards in addition to skiing.

Sponsors: Armada, Talma Ski, Paromcamps
Instagram: @jonsallinen

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