Terms of Travel

Terms of Payment

  • As payment methods you may choose from the following: Pay Pal (valid credit card) or by bank transfer. By accepting bank transfer as payment Paromcamps will send the invoice after the booking. Term of payment is 14 days, except if the departure is earlier. The final invoice will be charged a month before the trip. Advance payment is 50% of the whole trip price.
  • The contract is binding when the customer accepts the terms of booking.
  • Final payment has to be paid according to date of expiry, in any case 30 days before the departure.
  • If the booking is done less than 30 days before the departure the entire amount will be charged as a whole.
  • If the tour operator doesn’t receive the payment, that is not considered as canceling the reservation.
  • Currency changes can affect the prices of Paromcamps trips.
  • Paromcamps is entitled to change hotel, accommodation, transports, schedules and to make other changes to program, which are not relevantly changing the nature of the trip. The changes need to be announced to passengers as soon as possible.
  • Nevertheless the changes, a customer is obliged to pay the entire price of the trip and other agreed expenses.
  • Tour operator has the right to cancel the contract if the terms of payment is not followed.
  • If the passenger is under 18 years, s/he is entitled to prove a signed approval from guardian.
  • As making the reservation the passenger has to mention which discount s/he is entitled to. Afterwards requested discounts won’t be admitted. Two or more discounts won’t be admitted for one passenger.
  • The passenger is entitled to follow international agreements.
  • Tour Operator does not guarantee that the wanted accommodation is still available. If the accommodation unit is no longer available, an alternate option will be offered, if possible.
  • If the passenger doesn’t join group accommodation or wishes to use it only a certain period, s/he is entitled to inform the tour operator about it. All possible costd related to additional accommodation or services doesn’t concern Paromcamps and the client is not entitled to receive refund from it.
  • Passengers are also entitled to arrive to the hotel or other accommodation before leaving to airport. If the passenger doesn’t follow this or inform the tour operator or is delayed from the time of the departure, s/he will be responsible for the return by own expenses.
  • By not using the transport or other included services, customer is not entitled to discounts.
  • If the passenger has not registered at the airport within agreed time period, tour operator has the right to resell the trip.
  • If the passenger doesn’t use the course-flight, s/he is not entitled to use the return flight either.
  • The price includes only confirmed performances.
  • Paromcamps reserves the right to changes in cases of force majeure or other changes out of Paromcamps control. In this case we will notify you of the cancellation immediately. This applies to all prices, discounts, flights, accommodation etc.

The client is responsible for all extra costs, such as:

  • Airline charges for baggage
  • Connection flights and transports in home country
  • Lift passes and all excursions, if not mention otherwise
  • Passport and vaccination expenses
  • Insurances

Additional Costs:

  • Client can book additional comforts such as balcony or other accommodation specialities. The additional charge does not guarantee that these services can be always arranged. In these cases a customer is entitled to get refund for the amount that s/he has paid for the additional comfort.

Changes in prices and Right to cancel the booking

  • Tour operator reserves the right to price changes increasingly, even after making the contract if they also agree to decrease the price in similar conditions. Increasing the price is only allowed:
  • If the taxes or other public charges increase
  • Currency changes
  • For those transport charges which the tour operator has not been able to taken into account when making the contract.
  • Increment of the price cannot be greater than the actual cost of a given charge. The changes need to be announced to passengers as soon as possible.
  • The price cannot be changed within 20 days before the trip.
  • Tour operator has the right to cancel the trip if enough people haven’t signed up for  it. The cancellation needs to be announced no later than 21 days before the actual trip.
  • Tour operator has the right to cancel the trip due to remarkable and complicated changes on the destination or nearby area. Such as wars, natural catastrophes, strikes etc, which might risk human lives or healthy. Again the changes need to be announced to passengers as soon as possible.

Passengers right to cancel the trip

Due to the nature of our trips, our cancelation policy is as follows:

  • If a passenger cancels the trip for any reason before 66 days prior to the trip, Paromcamps charges 200€ per person as office fee. In addition, all possible prepayments will be charged, such as lift passes, visas, etc.
  • Cancelations made 65-30 days prior to the trip, office fee of 200€ and 33% of the trip price will be charged. In addition, all possible prepayments will be charged, such as lift passes, visas, etc.
  • Cancelations made less than 30 days prior to the trip, no refund will be granted.

Cancelation day is the day when Paromcamps receives a written notification of this. All additional costs are always binding and the actual cost will be charged as full.

We highly encourage all passengers to take an insurance covering trip cancellations, including own and close relative’s sudden illness and death. Passenger is responsible to find out the Insurance coverage from his/her own insurance company.

Travel documents:

  • Tour operator is obliged to inform passengers about generally needed travel documents.
  • Passengers are obliged to take care of all needed travel documents and taking care of the transport schedules.