Itinerary / Hokkaido Road Trip

Before the trip we provide you a preliminary itinerary but the concept is to keep Road Trip as flexible as possible. Daily plans are customised by our experienced guides to suit your needs and desires. In general, schedule during the Hokkaido Road Trip maintains flexible. You’ll get the privilege to ride exactly there where the best powder waits for us.

Backcountry days during Hokkaido Road Trip – Being located at the prime spot of Hokkaido’s most amazing backcountry spots, there’s no need to mention we know this terrain like our own pockets. This knowledge and experience is definitely creating added value to all of our guests. We want to keep these hidden gems as unknown as possible and give you more detailed information upon arrival.

Ski Touring equipment is required for all Backcountry days. For skiers this means Touring skis + bindings and skins for the skis. Snowboarders will need snowshoes and telescopic poles or alternatively splitboard. You can rent all Touring and Snow Safety equipment from us at the location. We will provide more detailed list of equipment for participants as part of our information package.

Day 1 – Departing from your home country

Day 2 – Arriving to Hokkaido – Transport from Chitose airport to Asahikawa – Getting your equipment ready and briefing for the weeks’ schedule

Day 3 – Snow Safety Training – Guided skiing in Central-Hokkaido

Day 4 – Guided skiing in Central-Hokkaido

Day 5 – Guided skiing in Central-Hokkaido

Day 6 – Full Backcountry day / Transfer to Niseko area

Day 7 – Guided skiing in Niseko area

Day 8 – Guided skiing in Niseko area

Day 9 – Full Backcountry day (alternatively day in a resort)

Day 10 – Returning back to Chitose airport – Catching morning flights

ASAHIDAKE – Belongs to Daisetsuza volcanic Natural Park area. You can find powder snow until waist here and it is indisputably one of the snowiest locations in Japan. Who needs to calculate the amount of snow but in Asahidake it keeps coming more than 25 annually.

KAMUI SKI LINK – You don’t hear that many people talking about Kamui, and we like to keep it that way. This tiny resort near Asahikawa city has plenty of terrain to ride – for freeriders. Kamui Ski Link is all about amazing snow, very few other riders and good attitude towards Freeriders.

TEINE – You can still somehow feel that Teine used to be big and spectacular, hosting Winter Olympics back in the days. Teine is divided into two separate parts; lower one offering easy turns for beginners and Sunday skiers. Keep continuing all the way up to the peak of the mountain and you’ll get to realise the variety of skiing, let alone the most amazing vies over Ishikari Bay that Teine offers. Back side is more mellow cruising – snow feels like velvet under our skis and board. On the front side of the mountain, it gets steeper and runs are longer. You’ll find good powder turns in the trees and some in open powder bowls.

RUSUTSU – Resort is located app. 30 minutes’ drive from our lodge. Rusutsu is smaller and way quieter than Niseko United. Its terrain is also partly steeper than in Niseko. Our backcountry guides will show you great spots in Rusutsu to try out moderate cliffs to jump on powder snow – every freeriders dream.