Magnus Granér / Freestyle Ski Coach

Swedish skier Magnus Granér and his career on snow is not the most typical one – snowboarder converted to skiing. This awakening happened at the age of 12 and at those times tricks were practised mainly at his backyard. After high school Magnus moved to up north in Sweden and met like-minded fellow skiers. This was the beginning of The Bunch, an underground group of urban skiers filming and producing world-renowned edits and later on full-length ski films. Magnus is also known for winning Level 1’s Superunknown contest in 2013. This was the time at the latest when Magnus Granér’s name was on everyone’s lips. Nowadays Magnus skis, travels and films together wit The Bunch and Level 1 Production. He describes street of Sweden and mountains of America his favourite places to ski.

Sponsors: ON3P skis, Tall T Productions