Tuomas Kivari / Freestyle Ski Coach

Tuomas Kivari has been skiing from early age and is part of the legendary Moebius Freestyle ski-club. In 2015 Tuomas was chosen the Rookie of the Year in New School series and has been competing in Slopestyle both National and International competitions. SFR Tour in France is the most respected Freestyle competition in Europe and Tuomas has been standing on its podium for several times, in Val Thorens and La Cluzas. In addition to competing Tuomas has been privileged to be part of a project filming episodes for Finnair in Japan. Tuomas and his team Trilogy stayed three weeks in Hokkaido for skiing powder and park, not forgetting the experience of the Japanese culture. One of his favourite tricks is bio-1080 and his personal idol is his older brother, Olympic skier Lauri Kivari. Tuomas was previously part of Paromcamps Team but nowadays works as our Freestyle coach in France and Austria. He has an amazing talent to coach and explain the trick in very detailed way to all youngsters. During the summer months Tuomas goes skateboarding, plays football and trains new challenging tricks on a trampoline.

Instagram: @youngkivari