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Les Deux Alpes is absolutely the best and biggest European summer snowpark. Different size of kickers and rail lines are built for every level of skier and snowboarder. Due to the high altitude of Les 2 Alpes summer snowpark, it has plenty of snow until the end of summer. Sun shines and the atmosphere at the park is awesome. After arriving back to the village you can do numerous different summer activities, such as swimming, skateboarding, down-hill biking and much more.


Les 2 Alpes park is located at an altitude of 3200m and is by far the best and most versatile European snowpark during summer months. The park is designed as much for snowboarders as for freestyle skiers.

Joona Sipola L2A : Paromcamps

You will find three different areas with loads of kickers, rails and as well as a half-pipe and a super-pipe. Smaller pipe is great for learning new tricks on the afternoon as the snow has softened a bit.

Tuomas Kivari L2A : Paromcamps

Massive park in Les 2 Alpes is simply great for all levels of riders. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, you will find great spots here. Riders can choose whether to focus on more demanding rails and kickers or simply cruise and jib easier ones plus other obstacles such as wall ride and corners. From the lifts you can spot and learn tricks from other riders.

Inka Haapala and Jenny Alho L2A Paromcamps

The Cool Zone is full of riders from around the world, so it’s a great place to make new friends. As the snow park lift is closing in the afternoon you can still continue hiking and filming with our crew.


For the upcoming summer Paromcamps has two separate Freestyle camps in Les 2 Alpes in June and July. Parom emphasizes world class coaching. Both skiers and snowboarders have their own coaching groups.

All ability levels are considered and you can participate in both camps regardless if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced rider. Riders will be grouped by their skill level into different groups. All our coaches are pro-snowboarders and -skiers and will get your snowboard/skiing skills in shape. After riding sessions our coaches and the group will go through the tricks and riding with the help of video analysis.

Parom’s focus is on making everybody enjoy riding and learning new tricks. We’ll make sure that the group spirit hits the ceiling! You will get loads of new friends and good memories from our camps. This will definitely be the best summer trip ever! Campers are able to influence the content of daily coaching sessions; kickers/ rails/ half-pipe. Our coaching group sizes are typically 3-6 riders per coach. If you wish to receive private coaching (1-on-1) we’ll provide it to you. Please ask more information on info@paromcamps.com.

Village and Activities

Les 2 Alpes is a small idyllic Alpine village with good services. In a nutshell, you’ll find here everything you need for a great holiday. Multiple skate/snowboard/ski-shops, restaurants for all tastes, grocery stores etc. are all located along the 2km main road. Bakeries and internet cafes are also in every street corner.

Snow and riding changes to a hot summer while getting down from the glacier. Les 2 Alpes offers many afternoon activities to our campers. You can enjoy sunbathing in either outdoor swimming pool or cute mountain lake. Skatepark has a street and a mini for all skateboarders. Next to it there’s tennis and basketball courts where you can have a game with your friends or with our coaches. Outside trampolines are a perfect spot to practice new tricks safely. Summer sledding is a great way to end your day while enjoying the sunset from the top of the hill.

Grenoble Outdoor-Pool Paromcamps

During our camps we’ll also visit the nearest big city of Grenoble where there is a indoor skatepark and outdoor skate pool.

Venosc, a small village next to Les 2 Alpes offers great rafting and other activities. In Aventure Parc you can have a lot of fun in a forest filled with monkey bridges, rope ladders, barrels. You’ll be wearing a harness attached to a security rope that makes this exiting tree climbing safe.

Jussi and Jukka Les-2-Alpes Waterfall Paromcamps

In Venosc, there’s also beautiful waterfalls that offer great refreshing during the hot summer days. Just a short gondola ride down to Venosc and you’ll reach these amazing natural water pools.


Our campers will accommodate in Alpine-style big chalet. Breakfast, snacks and dinner will be served in our chalet, whereas lunch will be served up in the park – grilling burgers and hot-dogs.

Our chalet is located at the quiet end of the village, close by to all services and gondola lift. We will provide more information of the roommates as you arrive to our camp. Girls and boys will accommodate in different rooms in our three story chalet.

Our camp includes Full board – Healthy and fulfilling breakfast, lunch at the Snowpark, snacks and dinner prepared by our chef.

Camp Info

We will send you more detailed information of traveling, schedules, Les 2 Alpes as a resort and introduce our camp staff. During the camp our staff is available 24/7. Our coaches take care of campers in the park and during afternoon activities.

Additional Information to Parents

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